At European Tanning Club & Hair Design, we offer a wide range of salon services ranging from spray tans to massage to waxing and laser hair removal. In today’s post, though, we want to specifically address waxing and how to get the best results after a visit to our waxing salon.

Most of us have been shaving some part of our body since our tween years to remove unwanted hair. From the first time girls shave their legs to the first time men shave off their pre-pubescent mustache, we’ve all had years to perfect the art of shaving. Waxing, however, is a different story.

Waxing is a great way to keep skin hairless for longer than shaving as it rips the hair out by the follicle, whereas shaving is essentially a glorified haircut for your body hair. While this leaves our skin feeling baby soft, it comes with its own set of complications. The main complaint that men and women have after a waxing session is the appearance of red bumps, pimples, and occasionally ingrown hairs.

Why Does Waxing Leave My Skin Irritated?

These problems are mainly caused by the body’s natural response to stress or trauma. While waxing can be a pain, literally, most men and women don’t think of it as particularly traumatic. However, the biological processes in your body view waxing as a sudden, forceful, painful loss of every hair at follicle-level and responds with inflammation of the follicle. This is especially prevalent with bikini and armpit waxes as the skin in these areas are more likely to get irritated, but it can happen on legs, chest, face, and anywhere else you get waxed. Sometimes these bumps will subside within a day or two, but there are steps you can take to minimize their presence. Additionally, if one of these follicles gets infected, usually a result of negligent aftercare, it can fill with white pus and look more like a pimple – definitely something you don’t want when you were expecting the waxing salon would give you smooth skin!

Without Proper Care, Waxing Can Cause Ingrown Hairs

While waxing can cause small bumps and pustules, it can also occasionally cause something more annoying: ingrown hairs. So why does this happen? In the surface layer of our skin, there are little teardrop-shaped bulbs where the hair follicles form. Normally, a follicle would regenerate after being waxed and grow right out of the top of the teardrop where it can exit through a tiny hole in the skin. However, waxing is very disruptive to these little bulbs. While most hairs will grow back just fine, sometimes the hair will not be able to find the right direction to grow in to pop through the surface, and instead can grow into the skin. This can be painful and often requires some steady hands and a sharp pair of tweezers to get out. Though, if you follow our aftercare tips, you are much less likely to experience bumps and ingrown hairs after a session at our waxing salon!

Preventing Bumps And Ingrown Hairs After Waxing

Exfoliate: Exfoliating the area after waxing with a sugar or salt scrub (over-the-counter or homemade) can help to buff away dead skin cells which could otherwise clog pores and make problems worse. Be sure to use a scrub that is gentle – not too grainy and not too perfumed – just to make sure you aren’t further irritating the skin.

Moisturize: Apply moisturizing cream or oils like aloe vera or witch hazel, which are known to reduce inflammation and irritation. If you use an oil that is particularly strong like tea tree oil, you can dilute a few drops in coconut oil or olive oil before applying to skin.

Keep The Area Protected: Avoid excessively hot showers or baths, pools, direct sunlight, and exercise for 24-48 hours after getting waxed. These can all irritate the skin and cause more problems. Avoid very tight clothing for a few days, especially if you are recovering from an armpit or bikini wax.

Avoid Shaving Between Waxes: Your first wax is always the most painful. It’s not because you get used to the sensation of having hairs ripped out. After multiple waxes, your hairs begin to grow differently and sometimes stop growing altogether. Shaving between waxes can disrupt this new hair growth pattern and make your following wax more painful.

European Tanning Club Is Your Go-To Waxing Salon In Dearborn Heights!

Our Dearborn Heights location offers a wide range of salon and spa services, including functioning as your local waxing salon! After nearly 30 years in service, you can bet we’ve perfected the air of waxing! We do our best to give you an excellent experience when you’re with our waxing specialist, but for truly amazing waxing results, all it takes is a little extra care at home and your freshly waxed skin will be smooth, bump-free, and hairless for weeks! Get in touch with European Tanning Club & Hair Design today to make an appointment for a bikini wax, Brazilian, eyebrow wax, facial hair removal, or body hair removal. We offer both women’s and men’s waxing services so everybody can look and feel their best.