Many men and women who come in for a tanning session at our tanning salon are curious about the different results from a spray tan versus a tanning bed. At European Tanning Club, we’ve been helping men and women get glowing tans for nearly thirty years, so you can bet we’ve had a lot of time to discover how to give our clients the best results.

In fact, Detroit Metro Times named European Tanning Club the “Best Place To Fake & Bake,” earning us a reputation as one of the best tanning salons near Detroit. The Metro Times article mentions our sanitary beds (something we take very seriously), our complimentary tanning goggles for eye protection, and our welcoming tanning advisors that can help you get the gorgeous tan you desire. With two convenient locations in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights, you’ll never have to go far to get your glow on. Not to mention, when we say we’re a tanning salon that is open late, we mean it! We are open until 10:00 pm from Monday-Saturday, and close at 8:00 pm on Sunday!

We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but with stats like that, you know you’re choosing one of the best tanning salons in Dearborn Heights and Dearborn, Michigan.

Will A Spray Tan Make Me Orange?

Many of us remember that episode of Friends not-so-subtly entitled “The One With Ross’s Tan” where Ross has an awful spray tan experience where he ends up with a dark, uneven, orange-tinted tan only on the front of his body. While this scene made for amazing comedy, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have a Ross-like experience at the tanning salon – at least not at European Tanning Club!

Different Advantages Of Different Methods

Tanning beds are perfect for people who want long-lasting, consistent results. A spray tan will essentially shed as your skin cells regenerate, making a spray tan only last 1-2 weeks.

On the other hand, a spray tan can offer immediate results, even if you are going a lot darker than your natural skin tone. A tanning bed takes multiple visits to build up a tan. While you’ll leave your first session with a nice glow, you won’t get that nice, dark tan right away. However, even though we use high-quality, renowned spray tanning solutions and the Versa Pro spray tan booth, a tanning bed will always give you a more natural looking tan – because it is natural, your skin is actually tanning.

Spray tans are also often a better choice for people with very fair skin or those who claim, “I never tan, I always burn” when they spend time in the sun. Since tanning beds use the same UV rays that the sun has, you can get a sunburn in a tanning bed if you don’t follow the advice of our tanning specialists. That being said, with patience and consistency, even the fairest people might be able to get a nice base going after several short visits to our tanning studio.

Tanning beds, though, require less preparation for good results. If you will be getting a spray tan, you’ll want to be sure to exfoliate and clean as a whistle before you stop in so the tan has the best chance of sticking – this can make getting a spray tan difficult for people who lead busy lives. For a tanning bed, however, simply apply some moisturizer to keep your skin from getting dry and hop right in! You can also shower whenever you feel like it after a tanning bed session, as there’s no concern about the tan “washing off.”

Which Tanning Method Should I Use?

Ultimately, the choice is up to you for which tanning method you use! Our tanning salon can offer expert advice when you come in based on your skin type, previous tanning experience, and desired end results. Tanning beds often require multiple sessions to get you the desired tan you want, so many people choose to follow up a tanning bed session in our Versa Pro Spray Tan booth to get immediate results while still building a nice base.

Come In Soon For All Of Your Tanning And Beauty Needs

Along with offering spray tans and tanning beds, we are your one-stop-shop for hair color and cuts, waxing, laser hair removal, massage, and many other services. Make an appointment today and experience the difference a high-quality, clean, and luxurious tanning salon experience can make at European Tanning Club & Hair Design!